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16 01 2016

Temporary Objects and Hybrid Ambients
Filodrammatica Gallery, Korzo 28/1, Rijeka

21 January – 6 February 2016
Exhibition opening: Thursday, 21 January, 7 PM
Gallery working hours: Mon-Fri 4 – 8 PM, Sat 10 AM – 1 PM

Dynamics between the sound and material



23 12 2015

Crises and New Beginnings: Art in Slovenia 2005–2015

Exhibition:  22 December 2015 — 03 April 2016

Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, +MSUM

Curators statement…. In addition to art in the narrower sense of the term we wish to present also certain practices from related fields and genres, such as the comic strip, photography, design, architecture, film, and performance art. There fields have all developed along their own, slightly different lines, which go beyond the scope of this exhibition, except where they overlap or intertwine, revealing certain common formal and topical contexts.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 20.52.41


11 12 2015

Batista’s intermedia projects are also characterised by the movement through the spaces of liminal situations, which occur in chaotic, unstable systems; the author makes the most of the changes in physical quantities of matter, interferences and mutations generated by his audio-visual “machines” and he fashions them into an environment of rhizomatic entities



4 12 2015

I think it is time to put some of my sonic experiments, drone machines and project recordings on the web. Feel free to listen and enjoy. From field recordings to abstract frequencies and back again…Run backwards…



1 12 2015

Exhibition opening: 22 December 2015 at 8 p.m.

Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Ljubljana

Curators: Bojana Piškur, Igor Španjol, Vladimir Vidmar


The exhibition aims to present a selective overview of developments just past or still taking place, and attempts to define the main phenomena and trends in contemporary art in Slovenia over the past decade. Covering a wide range of fields and thus also involving the collaboration of several professionals and experts, it is a sequel to the exhibition trilogy from ten years ago, which presented, over three consecutive years (2003 to 2005) the trends in Slovene art and related fields by decade, since 1975…

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.07.57

… Rather than being a classic overview of trends, phenomena, and fields, the show is designed around interpreting key topics and issues, i.e., we have tried to identify the most fundamental and compelling issues in contemporary art in Slovenia, as well as its nodes and contradictions. This interpretation underpins the exhibition display, which also includes a comprehensive chronological documentary presentation.


23 11 2015

16th Pixxelpoint, International Media Art Festival 2015
Nova Gorica (Slovenia), Gorizia (Italy)

Duration: 27.11. – 3.12.2015

  • Performance: 1.12.2015   @ 7 pm

. . . . para-Curator: Igor Štromajer

The festival has undergone a metamorphosis over the sixteen years of its existence. Initially a digital arts festival, then an interactive arts festival, followed by new-media festival, then going back to being a media festival, to even being a festival of non-art last year. This year’s edition hints at its possible future, to become simply an arts festival, which is my humble wish. A festival of contemporary, provocative, alternative art.

Marko Batista @ PIXXELPOINT 2015 from MicroRobotic on Vimeo.


These objects, these things, may or may not be art – I do not think about that as the para-curator of this year’s 16th edition of the media art festival, nor do I care. If they are, they’re welcome. If not, I don’t care. The only thing I learned from them while preparing for the festival, all they told me, was: Make your own art. Do not expect us to do it for you. Just as we cannot and should not judge people by the color of their skin, nationality, appearance, bank account balance and sexual orientation, so, too, should we not categorize objects according to the criterion of whether or not they are art.

At this festival, we show you the objects forensically: observe them, be respectful towards them, and never trust them. You are entering the autonomous world of things, so, as you are aware, abandon all hope.

300 Feet

17 11 2015

Collective Multimedia Event.

Participating artists:
Lina Rica, Boštjan Čadež, Dominik Mahnič,
Jan Turk, Srđan Deba, Marko Batista

M&M (16 of 34)



M&M (14 of 34) copy



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