18 01 2013

Exhibition opening: 24.1.   @  8 p.m.

Vrhovčeva 1a
8000 Novo mesto

Marko Batista explores perception through physical properties of electronic sound in relation to the environment in which it is created, by means of which he wishes to inform the visitor about the aesthetics of the so-called “space sound”. The sound sculpture, like a frequency generator, is comprised of modules – temporary sound systems. Through experimental electro-chemical levers, these systems form a hybrid electro-acoustic whole as a rhizomatic sound system, which maps the architecture of sound in space. Electric impulses travel through a series of fluid substances and combine into sound stimuli. The sculpture emits a dynamic frequency selection of waves, which change with regard to the oscillation of value between electricity and chemical processes of the present reagents, through which the system is becoming a living organism.

Sound installation produced by Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art.

P1110118 copyP1110122 copyP1110132 copy




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