24 05 2016

The forms of things unknown

More than two hundred years old habitat of the Botanical garden is a home to different species of animals and plants. It’s a location that easily leads us into the microscopic world of the local ecosystem. Light and light refractions reveal a fairytale world of microscopically tiny animals. In cooperation with the research platform Proyecto Agua, I design the hybrid nature of two geographically different environments. I’m interested in the relations of colour/spectral elements and light textures in symbiosis with the moving information of a localised biotope, invisible to the naked eye. Digitalized colourful effects of light dictate the movement of the protozoa and thus show the way through the hybrid cross-sections between nature and technology.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 13.21.22

click image for more info

CONTRIBUTORS: Antonio Guillén, Isabel López de Munain in Proyecto Agua

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: dr. Tina Batista, Matija Praznik, Slavko Glamočanin in Boštjan Čadež




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