10 06 2016

On display

Beyond the Globe | 8th Triennial of Contemporary Art – U3
Curator: Boris GroysOpen: 3 June – 18 September 2016,
Moderna Galerija – Ljubljana

The author explores perception through physical properties of electronic sound in relation to the environment in which it is created. The sound sculpture is comprised of modules based on experimental electro-chemical physics. The whole system is forming a hybrid electro-acoustic environment which maps the architecture of sound in space.

Photo by Moderna Galerija

Electric impulses travel through a series of chemical fluid substances, vulcanic ash material and combine into sound stimuli. The author raises questions about the structure of matter in relation to the molecular stability of universe itself. The sculpture emits a dynamic frequency selection of waves, which change with regard to the oscillation of value between electricity and chemical processes of the present reagents, through which the system is becoming a living organism with the aesthetics of the so-called “space sound”.

20160601_182924 copy

“The exhibition presents many possibilities for the artistic exploration of the topic at hand: the connection between artistic and scientific imagination, the cosmos as analysis of sci-fi culture, perspectives of corporeal immortality and critique of contemporary technology.”
Curator’s statement




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