BIX Facade


M. Batista, Neven Korda, Luka Prinčič, Igor Štromajer

Kunsthaus Graz
Friday, May 29, 2009

Production and organization:
Aksioma – institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana
In collaboration with: Kunsthaus Graz, Austria

Pixel Tattoos will transform Kunsthaus Graz into a rhythmically pulsating tapestry of perceptual phenomena, piercing the urban space. Pixel Tattoos displays the interaction between the biomorphic architecture of the Kunsthaus and digital animations by four Slovenian media artists – Marko Batista, Igor Štromajer, Neven Korda and Luka Prinčič invited to the project by intermedia artist Janez Janša – who have been asked to face the unusual technical parameters offered by this peculiar medium. The “minimalistic” and “limited” structure of the Kunsthaus façade creates a challenging surface for artistic expression, imparting an unconventional visual-spatial experience: a ghostly screen of dynamic light and reflection, an outer membrane where a particular “process of writing” and “exploration of the surface tension qualities” transpires. The result is a dialogue between the two elements, a “conversation” happening neither inside the building nor outside but exactly on its skin.

video work by Marko Batista                     photo: Landesmuseum Joanneum/N. Lackner

Marko Batista

Marko Batista’s new video work presented in Pixel Tattoos is part of the series entitled “Displaced Objects and Hybrid Structures” in which the author focuses on the idea of tactical transportation and cybernetic mobility through specific modular events. Using contemporary architectural environments Batista introduces visual intervention as part of the hybrid structure based on so-called ‘meta’ relations and objects as being simultaneously real, social, and discursive formations. Artist, media theorist, and researcher Trebor Scholz explains that “Distributed real-time interaction strategies and negotiations for data sharing and processing are examples of dynamic systems with a high degree of complexity, just as culture itself can be viewed as a highly complex system.”

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