19 10 2017

Cultural Centre TOBAČNA 001, Ljubljana
Opening of the exhibition will be on Friday, 27 October at 7 p.m.

The exhibition Fluid Particles of Volcanic Ash is part of a multiannual project in which Marko Batista prompts the viewer to reflect on the problem of modern post-fact society in relation to technological progress. Technological systems are not perfect, predictable, self-contained and complete, but rather unstable, and it is precisely this point that serves as the premise of Batista’s exploration.

300 Feet

17 11 2015

Collective Multimedia Event.

Participating artists:
Lina Rica, Boštjan Čadež, Dominik Mahnič,
Jan Turk, Srđan Deba, Marko Batista

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SRDJAN DEBA….. RECENT WORKS >    srdjandeba.wordpress.com

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5 12 2010


11th International New Media Art Festival, Nova Gorica-Slovenia

December 8th 2010    8 p.m.

Experimental intermedia performance
Production: Aksioma – Zavod za sodobne umetnosti, Ljubljana
Small hall of Arts Center Nova Gorica

SHARE FESTIVAL 6° – Smart Mistakes

30 10 2010

Marko Batista is performing PARALLEL DIGITAL STRUCTURES in Torino, Italy

  • 3rd November 2010  > 8 P.M.
  • @ Regional Museum of Natural Science of Torino – Second Floor

“Focusing attention on the role of error in the creative process means exploring the cultural importance of trial and error in action, where errata become an approach of clear artistic value. Just as a genetic error is an agent of mutation and hence of biodiversity, error in action is what guides the creative process – because perfection leaves no room for improvement. In this way, the dualistic framework is turned on its head and error is appreciated in a different way: as an opportunity and not simply as a mistake.”  Share Festival


12 02 2010

/Experimental intermedia performance/

  • LIVE @ REMONT Gallery, Belgrade > 23-APRIL-2010, 8 PM

> www.aksioma.org/parallel

This intermedia performance, using modern technologies, focuses on audio modulations and visual structures that through heterogeneous environments and the subversion of simultaneous data transfers from Internet-based digital video communication systems enter the field of artistic intervention. Using various software solutions, the author intervenes in the creative process, thus forming digitally manipulated textures projected on three visual screens. Together with the sound spectrum, Internet connection, computer components and small control objects they form an active infrastructure for live manipulation with arrived digital packages and parallel signals relevant for creating an audiovisual composition.