/Experimental intermedia performance/

..premiere > 1-September  2010! …

Marko Batista will premiere his new intermedia performance continuing his experimental audio-visual explorations from the series of projects entitled “Displaced Objects and Hybrid Structures “. Using technology, the author focuses on shaping a hybrid environment of non-linear structures and displaced matrixes. Particular audio systems form a so-called network of travelling objects and, through the use of modern realtime technology, intertwine with temporary digitally generated visual processes.
Besides an experimental approach and a succession of visual images, Batista’s intermedia performance offers a specific spatial experience of audio sequences that are intricately intertwined and generated from low-frequency electromagnetic spectres. Using specially made electronic tools and control elements, the author forms a platform that enables a rhizomatic environment of hybrid displaced units.

Concept and realisation: Marko Batista
Tech support: Nataša Muševič, Primož Juvan, Miljenko Kadič, Vlado Kurtuma

photo: Aksioma


photo: P. Juvan



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